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Welcome to bigO Digital, where we craft digital success stories for budding enterprises. Ignite your brand's online journey with our bespoke website solutions tailored for new and emerging businesses.

Let's build your digital presence together, making your mark in the virtual landscape from day one.

Meet bigO Our Services

Software Development Done Right!

With a team of seasoned developers and designers, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.
Our diverse skill set allows us to tackle challenges head-on and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Customer-centered Software Development.

Get your fantastic business digitised with secure, omnichannel corporate applications for leading platforms, tailored to your own market applying relevant technologies, processes, and methodologies, all with bigO Digital.

Cost & Time Effective.

By analysing and applying the most adequate methodologies and technologies for your business, our services are guaranteed to be purely white label, time and cost effective for the clients all around the globe in comparison to other digital marketing organizations.


bigO Digital embraces agile methodologies for software development and maintenance.


With our Continuous Delivery services, your applications are ensured to be scalable, and your CI/CD pipeline helps you automate the software delivery process. Not to mention the measurement of your KPIs via real-time dashboards.



Ben-Malik Tchamalam

Executive & Senior Software Engineer

Ali Gorkem Yalcin

Senior Software Engineeer

Engin Bakis

Frontend Developer

Anne Leemans

Marketing & Branding Manager

Edge Technologies